Culinary Techniques for Business

We create and implement various culinary formats to solve your business challenges:

Culinary team building and strategy sessions
Original menus under the company's brand book
Personal chefs for external and internal events
Gastronomic dinners with immersion into the meanings of your ideas
Festival culinary formats as part of your events
Company's Birthday
Culinary Team Building
Strategic Session
Producers and media chefs, with high expertise in creating the tastes of haute cuisine and international culinary events.
Each of the team members is a professional in social communications, which helps to create an atmosphere and find a common language with guests of different status and emotional involvement
We discuss the concept and objectives of the event
We create an original menu considering the tasks set
We think over the meanings, dynamics, and communications
We select and prepare the site and equipment
Привозим оборудование и инвентарь
We create haute cuisine dishes together with our guests
Summing up the business results with a culinary emphasis
Charity and Educational Format
A Competition Show
Tours of Haute Cuisine Stars
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Denis Bachurin — Chefs Team producer, Advisor to the President of the National Culinary Association of Russia, Viktor Belyaev, Author of the Golden Kitchen Project — tours of haute cuisine stars in Russia, initiator of Chef Versus, the only online tournament in the world.
Your chef-producer Denis Bachurin is on the line